With COVID-19 on the rise and commercial and residential places most prone to infection, it becomes extremely important for you to get your home and office disinfected with the help of trained professionals using the right technology as per WHO guidelines.

The Norms

According to the guidelines of Government of India, all the business owners have to ensure that their facilities are thoroughly disinfected, during the initial days as well as after every reopening day of the premises. Dust Busters, our associate company, works to help you in this by providing Specialised Sanitization and Disinfection services that are safe, quick and efficient.

Our Services

We provide complete disinfection solutions for your premise which includes:-
1. Cold/Thermal Fumigation
2. Steam Disinfection
3. Floor Disinfection
4. Surface Virus Treatment
We provide service to


  • Fumigation Process includes the use of Water- Soluble Patented Disinfectant (Partek Safe Hona! VLOXY) to bring down the virus levels from any given area.
  • Studies demonstrate that aerosol treatment dramatically decreases the amount of viable infectious diseases, reducing contamination transmission in the organizations treated areas.
  • This method of Disinfection produces micro- droplets of disinfectant and biocides that remain suspended in the air for approximately 8-10 minutes after application.
  • Dispersing these micro droplets into the air ensures that the solvent will penetrate locations where traditional cleaning techniques would normally not be able to reach.

  • Steam Disinfection is the most eco- friendly way of disinfecting without the use of any chemicals.
  • We use Partek Steam Cleaners which produces high powered steam at high temperature to sanitize and disinfect various services.
  • It can also be combined with surface disinfectant for high contaminated areas.
  • Best used at homes and food and sensitive areas.
  • why us?
    DustBusters is a part of Nutech Group with a combined experience of 500 years and more than 35 years of individual cleaning & hygiene experience.